Stone Cosmetics is Polish cosmetic company.

First Stone Cosmetics brand was born in 2012.

The reason was the need to combine durability and delicacy in color cosmetics, using all the benefits of mother nature.
Already after two years Stone Cosmetics long lasting color cosmetics were used by make-up artists from different continents.
Since then, people with the most sensitive, allergic skin can successfully use strong professional cosmetics.
In subsequent years the company went one step further and began to create body care cosmetics based on unique herbs ingredients.
In 2017 as a response to the increased demand for whitening cosmetics, the company has created its innovative brand WHITE LACE, with its pilot product :  White Lace hand cream with strong whitening properties and yet so gentle that it can be used even by highly sensitive women's skin.

Stone Cosmetics

Ul. ZauĊ‚ek

05-807 Owczarnia